The Team

The company has a rich history of more than six decades in bringing innovative products and services to the market. Founded by Mr. Anshuman Agarwalla, the other board of Directors include Mr. Yannick Gaillac (London) & Mr. Christopher Huchon (Vienna) of Starsight LLC and Partners of Kolam Partnership.
Anshuman Agarwalla
Mr. Agarwalla did his A levels from Cambridge and Management from The University Of Nottingham Uk. Belongs to the Agarwalla group with family businesses in Mining, Manufacturing, Engineering Turn Key Pollution Control Projects, Fabrication, Cement, Jewellery and construction to name a few. Since 1952 The Agarwalla group presence is found in 6 states that include Bihar , Jharkhand, Orissa, West Bengal, Chhattisgarh and Uttar Pradesh.
Yannick Gailac
Mr. Yannick Gaillac is a French Engineer and a Business man operating out of London, has founded Starsight LL specialized in custom made Solar Solutions The StarSight concept consists in rooting world-class high technologies (most notably street light with advanced Internet connectivity) to provide communities and local authorities with a easily expandable, modern, environmentally friendly solution to support better, broader, safer and more affordable services.
Christopher Huchon
Mr. Christopher Huchon is an Engineer as well specialized in Renewable and Recycing operating out of Vienna. Mr. Huchon has an avid experience of Solar and other Renewable technologies.
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