Solar Power Boot Mode

Provide solar powered electricity without any capital cost

  • There would be no upfront costs
  • Charged through energy supplied only
  • Optimum design of the renewable energy system
  • Techsolar would install, own and operate the solar plants
  • Our company wishes to provide this electricity and be responsible for    the entire operations

Techsolar fulfill your dream without any effort

  • Since there is a great demand for eco-friendly products, they would be    achieving better sales and increased revenue
  • Gain a competitive advantage by being a leader in the sector
  • Take the initiative to reduce carbon footprint together and help in    protecting the environment and achieving sustainable growth
  • Research has show that green initiatives help
  • In employee retention
  • Avail various green certifications such as LEED, etc
  • Increase their value
  • Increase customer loyalty and retention

A zero management system for the end-user:

  • Techsolar will take complete responsibility for the whole system    installed
  • We own and operate the solar panels your Premises
  • Rooftops are unproductive assets Techsolar and you can put them to    work for a green benefit
  • No upfront cost or any Risk from customer's perspective
  • Our company would charge only for the solar electricity that will be    supplied to them
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