Operation & Maintenance

Techsolar control center monitoring system

  • 24*7*365 monitoring
    Thanks to seamless remote monitoring with automated error analysis, we are able to ensure optimal steady-state operation and, if necessary, to implement immediate measures via our local service network in an emergency. Our goal is to be on-site before any faults occur.

Your own login

  • Your online access to the techsolar control Center allows you to view all key performance data at any time. All operating data and statistics are updated at 10-minute intervals and logged. So you can monitor all components in real time, independent of their manufacturer.

Annual inspection

  • Whether occupational health and safety or fire safety management, the inspection requirements placed on operators of photovoltaic power plants are very stringent. Our expert staff carries out annual inspection and maintenance, checks all the operating hardware and coordinates with the certified sub-contractors and the utility company involved. We make sure you are in compliance with all regulations, including the statutory audits and documentation.

Medium voltage maintenance

  • All grid-connected photovoltaic power plants are linked up to the high-voltage network and are therefore a danger zone. Only qualified personnel are permitted access. There are extensive regulations governing the switching station itself. Maintenance must be carried out every two years and proof provided of any measures taken – such as changing the transformer oil, checking resistance to short-circuiting etc. If this is not done the power company may disconnect the power plant. Besides downtime, this will incur lost revenue and hefty fines.

Inverter maintenance

  • The inverter is the heart of the solar power plant. An ideal operating environment improves its efficiency and is the precon-dition for asserting warrantee claims against the manufacturer. Consequently, the inverter station must have proper heating and cooling systems. Regularly exchanging the filter mats is also recommended, along with software updates and the cleaning of the inverter's components. We can take care of this.

PV site maintenance

  • High grass on the site and bushes and trees in the immediate vicinity can have a substantially negative impact on output. Site maintenance therefore involves cutting the grass and weed clearance. All work must be carried out in accordance with the regulations on occupational health and safety and the zoning ordinance, even if entrusted to a sub-contractor. If the customer wishes, we will also clean the modules.

Repair costs flat rate

  • Instead of setting aside large amounts of reserves, our customers can protect themselves against high repair costs by paying flat rate. As a result, the costs are calculable for the plant's life cycle and can be included in the profitability projections.

Low voltage supply

  • Why not use the solar electricity you produce to run your own operations? De-pending on prevailing regulations in the respective country and the plant's technical configurations, we can feed the electricity required through the plant's own cable connected up to the main grid. We will negotiate the best possible conditions with the local energy supplier and support you in all administrative tasks.
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