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We are a Solutions Engineering company in the Renewable energy Sector with a specific focus on Solar. Rather than selling a product we sell solutions, with a huge bank of vendors backing us on different products and services.

We mainly take Turn key projects and work on an EPC basis -Engineering, Procurement and Commissioning.

Located with head office in Mumbai we also have a presence in Kolkata, London, Vienna and Dubai.

Inspired by the exponentially growing energy needs of the word and rising energy costs, the company explored into solar energy solutions TechSolar Solutions Pvt. Ltd was incorporated exclusively to develop and market this new line of energy efficient products in SAARC, Europe, North America and Middle East.�

The company has a line of highly energy efficient, eco-friendly and sustainable energy solutions from Europe and North America.

All its products are tested for quality, performance and reliability as per the local climatic conditions and are backed with Tech Solar's efficient pre and post sales customer support. Priced to meet the common man's budget, all the products are designed to pay back their initial investment through the sustained savings in energy costs over the period of their use.

The products and services of Tech Solar are committed to energy efficiency and protecting the local environment through reduced emissions and green house gases.

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