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Solar industry today has become a more viable solution for energy needs than ever, with Govt. incentives and falling prices solar has become more affordable and the industry has become systematic. We have various possibilities to save power and at the same time make the solar system provide a good return on investments and environmental benefits.

We are a Solutions Engineering company in the Renewable energy Sector with a specific focus on Solar. Rather than selling a product we sell solutions, with a huge bank of vendors backing us on different products, we take projects on a Turn key basis andwork on an EPC basis - Engineering, Procurement and Commissioning.


 Message From Farooq Abdullah

India has 8 National Action Plans on climate change. Jawaharlal Nehru National Solar Mission in one of them.

Twin objectives :
1. India's long-term energy security
2. Ecologically sustainable growth

Critical Reason :

  • World of Rapidly Depleting Fossil fuel resources
  • Conventional energy resources such as oil, gas, and coal becoming increasingly constrained
  • Large number of areas in the country without access to electricity power and shortages
  • Huge quantities of Kerosene and diesel are used to meet the lighting and power requirements

Ideal Solution :

  • High Solar Radiation over the country encouraging rapid deployment and development of solar energy applications
  • Providing long term sustainable solutions
  • Providing sustainable energy
  • Reducing fossil fuel consumption

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